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I watched a documentary last night called "When Two Won't Do". It was made by a couple exploring a style of relationship called "polyamory," where primary partners branch out to other partners, but in committed relationships, too. Kind of new-age swingers. It was excruciating to watch, especially in some of the hippie commune scenes. You know the sort of thing, people in a big circle holding hands singing "the earth is our mother, we must take care of her" with a feminist bongo drum accompaniment. Yet I'm the last person who should be cringing with embarrassment, I've been there and done that (not the swinging part) many years ago. The stories I could tell you, if I wasn't bound by confidentiality. Anyway, for the first 15 minutes of the film I was squirming and squinting at the TV from between my fingers, but then I became enthralled in the drama of this couple's adventures. I'm not sure I'm exactly recommending it to you, but it is certainly the sort of film that you talk about for days afterwards. Here's part of our conversation after watching the film: HER: I'm going out for a massage. ME: Please don't come back with any strange men. HER: You're all the man I need. ME: Thank goodness you have such low standards.


Blogger keda said...

oooeew. i was cringing even reading!

i remember once going to a place in the joshua tree desert in america and to a domed 100% wooden (including the 'nails') structure called the accustagasmatron or something along those lines.

we were a group of 5 people. we went inside and were given a small tour. the place was incredible. you climbed up a central wooden steps through a trapdoor into the dome which worked like a kind of whispering gallery. and the central trapdoor when closed had a hole through which air rushed bizzarely giving the whole place an incredible 'energy'.

however, we were hot. and mostly a bunch of "cool"sceptics. there was an outdoor raised pool which most of us jumped in while 1 friend who was a big of a space cadet went inside to play the hippies.

about an hour later we thought we should go find our freind and be on our way... we hearn 'OMMING' so quietly climbed the steps. the door was shut but a very hairy legged woman opened it and welcomed us inside where we were encouraged to join the circle of hairy legged hippies and our space cadet.

i'm ashamed to say that there was actually, like i said before, an incredible 'energy' in the room all around us and through a small hole in the central trapdoor, an amazing shaft of light and wind. but i and another friend who had been sat opposite me COULD not stop giggling.
we tried. snot was escaping from my nose. i stopped looking at her but all the hairy legs all in a row didnt help. i desperatley turned to my husband to be, who tried to give me a cross look (halfheartedly) which made me expode all over again. finally i looked in deperation to the space cadet who was happily OMMING away. i was crying with stiffled laughter.
she gave me the most serene look of love and pity that i've ever seen at which i guffawed out loud and threw open the trapdoor and ran. closely followed by the other 3. we all had to get back in the freezing pool to stop ouselves convulsing. and waited another 30 minutes for our beloved cadet*

hippies- i mean real hippies in circles always have this effect on me.

terrible. i'm a body therapist. i work with energy. i do yoga....

but the swinging bit still sounds interesting- just don't sit down cross legged and start omming!  


Blogger keda said...

and why dont your comments show??????  


Blogger Alec McClochendichter said...

Hello there. Thank you for your comment, I so enjoyed your Joshua tree hippie story. Have you considered making it a post here?

Kind regards, Alec.  


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